Since Fresh and Easy does not appear to be coming here, what would you like to see come to Alpine? We really need an anchor store in the Alpine Town Creek Center Shopping Mall. Since Daniels left over a year ago, that building has remained vacant. Fresh and Easy had plans of opening here in Alpine, creating a nice convenience for the people at the west end of town, however, Fresh and Easy has published in news flashes that they are now closing stores. So Alpiners, what do you want to see come into Alpine?

I can’t help but think that the parents that are upset about the fence being built between the Alpine Community Center and the Alpine Elementary School is skipping a whole issue. . .The ACC is private property. This is not a County maintained community center, and therefore, they have a right to maintain their property the way they see fit to promote the use and well-being of the business.
To demand that the Community Center keep their gate open for the use of the parents of the students is akin to asking your neighbor to open up their property fence so you can take a shortcut to the vehicle that you have parked in their back yard.

News 8 reported this morning that a new strain of NoroVirus is racing through. This time around it’s affecting the gastro-intestinal tract and causes severe vomiting and nausea. This is a great time to make sure that you wash your hands often, stay away from public places if it’s not necessary, use and sanitizers etc. This NoroVirus is now labeled as one of the main factors in food poisoning as well. If you are a food handler, and you are suffering from illness, call in sick. This virus is getting nastier and nastier as it evolves. Good luck, and stay healthy!

Hey everyone, it’s cold outside! Over the weekend we hit some pretty low lows. 27 degrees when I woke up and the snow is still sitting on the ground. Just a thought. . . If you have extra, try and share. . .Extra blankets, extra warm hats, scarves, gloves and mittens? The homeless are cold during these months, and they could use what you don’t want or need right now. Remember, the homeless are not all there by choice. . .This economy is putting whole families on the street. The shelters and food banks can use what ever you can afford to share.

Now is the time to let your kindness surface, and bring something special with you every day! Even if it’s a smile and a warm greeting to those you pass on the sidewalk, or in the store. These times are filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone’s crunch time to get ‘it’ all done be fore the big day, and sometimes the stress of it all makes us all a little edgy. Sometimes just a kind smile, or a thoughtful word, and change everyone’s attitude. That is not to say that it will fix everything, but maybe if we try to bring about some holiday cheer in non-monetary measures, we can learn how to warm the heart of humanity, and it’s completely free!

We’re almost there everyone!  Like us on Facebook and help us reach our goal before Christmas, only 10 more to go!

The murmerings of snow in the back country and in the mountains continue through town, and down the hill. Last night people were stocking up on pellets for the stoves, wood shavings and feed for the animals.
While in town, pick up some extra hot cocoa or spicy tea and enjoy the warm fireplace as it blazes heating up your space, while you peruse the latest issue of The Alpine Sun!

Tonight’s the night! The Annual Alpine Light parade is ON (so to speak) tonight at 6:30 p.m. This annual parade is a great HIGHLIGHT ( pun intended) for our community. Many participants decorate and walk or ride in the parade and it is truly a great kick off to our Alpine Holiday Season!

Most of the Alpine Residents have received their Fire Tax Bills.  If you haven’t had a chance to research this ‘fee’, check out the Fire Tax Protest webpage authored by the Howard Jarvis Foundation.  This webpage is:


You can find the protest forms on this page and the instructions under the ‘refund’ tab.


The County has contracted with ABC to pave the roads, but Bert W. Salas is fixing the drainage problem outside of the Alpine Sun Office.  What a mess.  They have installed a 6″ drainage pipe along our sidewalk.  The only problem is that they have completely destroyed our garden.  We are the only property on the boulevard that has has a successful garden installed and it was actually green and lush and growing.  Now, they have RIPPED it to shreds and our sidewalk is cut up with hug trenches that seem rather daunting and dangerous to pass over.  Again, what a mess!

The brilliance that is being displayed in the planning stages of this particular job is astounding. . .They poured the cement, encouraged us to plant and beautify, and then they come into install drainage and rip everything out!

The men working out here have promised to have a landscaper come out and put things back to the way they were before they destroyed it.  We’ll see.

Inserting a 6″ drain under existing concrete that was installed less than 6 months ago