I’m saying this in the middle of August, and I think I will try to remember every month to give my felicitations for the anniversary of everyone’s birth. Yesterday was my birthday, and what a wonderful day, I had so many well wishers, and Happy Birthdays, that I realized that the simple act of remembering someone, spreads so much joy. So if you were one of those, who remembered my birthday, Thanks! And if you have a birthday that has happened recently, or will be happening soon. . . . Happy Birthday!

This month we have a goal to ride our bikes from the back country to the beach. Recently my family have started riding bikes as a form of exercise. I casually mentioned to my husband that we should shoot for a goal of riding our bikes from the back country to the beach. Our family lives in Japatul, so it will be approximately 40 miles to Coronado Beach, and we will get to take the ferry across the bay. What a goal. I will keep you updated on our progress and how things are coming a long. Wish us luck!

What does that really mean???? There is a song that speaks to it with a snappy drum beat, but I’ve often wondered what that actually means. I have several dogs, and I don’t think that their days are bad, or hot, or anything. Things that make you go hhhhhhmmmmmmm.

This week has been an interesting mix of events. The Fireworks at Viejas were beautiful, and the 4th of July Parade was great, but as we moved into the weekend and the fire broke out on Mount Laguna, it brought back memories of other big wildfires we have had out here in the back country. Thankfully that is all getting under control with only a few injured firemen.
The other fire on El Cap was a wake up to how dry everything is becoming. Keep your area clear of dry brush, and make sure to not have open flame in the country.
Dogs on the loose have also been a topic in the office. If you have been watching our facebook, you got to see a picture of Wyatt who visited our office for a little while. He got loose the other night, came into our house for a visit at midnight, but with the help of Alpine Community Network, and Facebook, we found his home and his owner was so happy to get him back.
A good thing to do is get your animals micro-chipped. I know in the backcountry, it’s not a common practice, but when animals get scared during fireworks and run off, they are easily returned to their family, if the finder can identify where they live.

So often we want what we want, when we want it. We go to different lengths to get what we want, when we want it, and we take specific steps to do what we want, when we want to.
But. . .keeping in mind that our local businesses need our support, and our courtesy when it comes to Alpine business. Try to shop local, not to take up unnecessary parking directly in front of a business during business hours unless you are shopping in that shop, or doing business with that business. Every little bit helps when it comes to our small businesses in Alpine.

Be Careful out there! The grass & brush is very dry so when there is a Red Flag warning, don’t do any weed eating with metal blades. A small fire was started today from a resident trying to clear brush with a bladed weed whacker. While it’s good to clear dry brush, it’s imperative to pay attention to the weather and the wind, especially now.

Since Fresh and Easy does not appear to be coming here, what would you like to see come to Alpine? We really need an anchor store in the Alpine Town Creek Center Shopping Mall. Since Daniels left over a year ago, that building has remained vacant. Fresh and Easy had plans of opening here in Alpine, creating a nice convenience for the people at the west end of town, however, Fresh and Easy has published in news flashes that they are now closing stores. So Alpiners, what do you want to see come into Alpine?

I can’t help but think that the parents that are upset about the fence being built between the Alpine Community Center and the Alpine Elementary School is skipping a whole issue. . .The ACC is private property. This is not a County maintained community center, and therefore, they have a right to maintain their property the way they see fit to promote the use and well-being of the business.
To demand that the Community Center keep their gate open for the use of the parents of the students is akin to asking your neighbor to open up their property fence so you can take a shortcut to the vehicle that you have parked in their back yard.

News 8 reported this morning that a new strain of NoroVirus is racing through. This time around it’s affecting the gastro-intestinal tract and causes severe vomiting and nausea. This is a great time to make sure that you wash your hands often, stay away from public places if it’s not necessary, use and sanitizers etc. This NoroVirus is now labeled as one of the main factors in food poisoning as well. If you are a food handler, and you are suffering from illness, call in sick. This virus is getting nastier and nastier as it evolves. Good luck, and stay healthy!

Hey everyone, it’s cold outside! Over the weekend we hit some pretty low lows. 27 degrees when I woke up and the snow is still sitting on the ground. Just a thought. . . If you have extra, try and share. . .Extra blankets, extra warm hats, scarves, gloves and mittens? The homeless are cold during these months, and they could use what you don’t want or need right now. Remember, the homeless are not all there by choice. . .This economy is putting whole families on the street. The shelters and food banks can use what ever you can afford to share.