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Here at The Alpine Sun, we have found several dogs who have lost their humans, but we have been very successful uniting pets and owners. One of the first things that we do, is visit Dr. Hackett’s office to see if these pets are chipped. This is a really great idea as it allows us to find you right away if you have become separated from your four legged friends.

Have you ever gone ice skating before? Viejas now has their outdoor ice skating rink open and it is available to all who wish to whirl around and celebrate the icy weather. Ice skating is different from roller skating in that one, it’s cold, two, the skates are blades instead of wheels, and directionally, the skating I think takes a little more practice. But it’s beautiful all the same. Take an afternoon and try it out!

The holiday season is coming up, and it’s a wonderful to share. Please share with The Alpine Sun your favorite recipes so that other’s can enjoy some of what makes you happy this holiday season. Cakes, cookies, pies, misc. desserts, main entrees, side dishes, what ever you would like to share please send them to

I love Halloween. I love the costumes, the food, the candy, and when the parties are done well, I think they are just the best. The thing I don’t love about Halloween is how gross, and overdone some of the interpretations have become, but to each his own. I hope all have a wonderful and safe holiday, and if you are going to carnivals, or dances, or parties, enjoy!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because it’s great cooking weather. Last night I made a huge pot of Albondigus soup, and for those of you who may not know what that is. . .It is a tasty Mexican Vegetable Meatball soup with the best flavor, especially when you serve it with fresh quesadillas. Take a few minutes and pick your favorite recipe and on a cold night let it simmer on the stove. It’s the best feeling to have a cup of hot soup with fresh bread on a cold Autumn evening. Enjoy!

During this heat wave, remember to keep drinking fluids. Dehydration is a real concern, as we don’t realize the fluids we are loosing, even when we are indoors. Air conditioning, while it keeps us cool, one of it’s main functions is to remove the humidity in the air, and because of this, people who are in constant air conditioned rooms also need to remember to drink plenty of fluids. Signs of dehydration include: fatigue, headache, nausea, lethargy, lack of interest in food or drinks, bloating, dizziness, muscle cramping. Avoid this nasty side effect of the hot weather and make sure to drink enough fluids.

This weekend we are expecting severe storms in the form of thunder and lightning, crackling and sparking in the night skies. How exciting! But this is also a time to consider your pets. While I personally like to watch a lightning storm, my dog does not. It scares the living daylights out of him. He runs and tries to stuff his one-hundred pound body under my bed. It’s an exercise in futility. So in deference to my dog Flumpy, I have to remember to keep a closet door open for him to hide in, otherwise he may just run of the house into the storm and meet another county employee to save him, like last year. Poor Flumpy.

I’m saying this in the middle of August, and I think I will try to remember every month to give my felicitations for the anniversary of everyone’s birth. Yesterday was my birthday, and what a wonderful day, I had so many well wishers, and Happy Birthdays, that I realized that the simple act of remembering someone, spreads so much joy. So if you were one of those, who remembered my birthday, Thanks! And if you have a birthday that has happened recently, or will be happening soon. . . . Happy Birthday!

This month we have a goal to ride our bikes from the back country to the beach. Recently my family have started riding bikes as a form of exercise. I casually mentioned to my husband that we should shoot for a goal of riding our bikes from the back country to the beach. Our family lives in Japatul, so it will be approximately 40 miles to Coronado Beach, and we will get to take the ferry across the bay. What a goal. I will keep you updated on our progress and how things are coming a long. Wish us luck!

What does that really mean???? There is a song that speaks to it with a snappy drum beat, but I’ve often wondered what that actually means. I have several dogs, and I don’t think that their days are bad, or hot, or anything. Things that make you go hhhhhhmmmmmmm.