Waking up this morning, I took my menagerie out for their morning walk, and I smelled smoke. That thick, murky smell that brought back a flood of memories that were just terrifying.
Reliving the cedar fire, and then the Horse Fire, and Witch/Harris Fire all in a matter of moments. I searched the horizon for another sign of new fires flaring up in our back country.
We are being inundated with news coverage of burning brush, fantastic flames licking at homes, destroying property and people’s lives, it all just flooded back over the last thirteen years.
I live in the Cleveland National Forest, and fire is a terrifying reality. While everyone tries to be clear and prepared, are we ever truly prepared enough to avoid the disaster that may be heading for us this year with the lack of rain, and dry conditions that are intensifying in these uncharacteristic heatwaves that are blazing across our county?
We watch the horror on television, as the news media turns it all into a complete ‘media fest’ and I find disgust at the disregard for lives, and memories. I would like to see the media take a more responsible stance during the Santa Ana season. Instead of constantly saying how dangerous our weather is making the fire season, why can’t they advocate the necessity to take caution. Instead of broadcasting five times a minute how the weather can whip up a wild-fire in an instant, try not to give people with arsonist tendencies any ideas. Just a thought. . . .

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