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This is the Alpine Al column for this week. . .
Old Al has had a lot to chew on these past several weeks. Kinda getting choked up wondering what ever happened to courtesy, common sense and maturity.
The Alpine School District is out of control on both sides. Teachers are putting signs on their cars about how much they care about student education. Then they go picket in the Lakeside District which has no dog in the fight and disrupt Lakeside students trying to get to school where their teachers are happy and ready to teach. We hear complaints about teachers losing homes due to the pay cut. Gee, if you only work 190 days a year, you might consider a summer job. Have you ever wondered why so much Alpine enrollments have dropped? Ponder that for a while. They sure seem happy over in Lakeside.
The school district has to share a great deal of the blame for this situation also. When a district spends money they don’t have because they think they will either get it later from the state or they will convince long suffering residents that they need to pass another bond, it makes you wonder just what caliber of administrators and elected officials we have. Al thinks maybe he will go out and by a Ferrari today. Maybe I will win the lottery next week.
Between union officials flashing the finger at a photographer and both the Alpine Teachers Association and the School administration requiring a news blackout on actual negotiations, Alpine residents are left with conflicting stories from both sides with no actual reason to believe either parties.
Teachers and District need to grow up, sit down and either get something worked out or simply quit. There are hundreds of qualified teachers that would love to teach here where they don’t have to wear a bullet proof vest to work and likewise, there are many qualified administrators and citizens who would be glad to step up and return our district to a system we can be proud of again.
What do you think???