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What does that really mean???? There is a song that speaks to it with a snappy drum beat, but I’ve often wondered what that actually means. I have several dogs, and I don’t think that their days are bad, or hot, or anything. Things that make you go hhhhhhmmmmmmm.

This week has been an interesting mix of events. The Fireworks at Viejas were beautiful, and the 4th of July Parade was great, but as we moved into the weekend and the fire broke out on Mount Laguna, it brought back memories of other big wildfires we have had out here in the back country. Thankfully that is all getting under control with only a few injured firemen.
The other fire on El Cap was a wake up to how dry everything is becoming. Keep your area clear of dry brush, and make sure to not have open flame in the country.
Dogs on the loose have also been a topic in the office. If you have been watching our facebook, you got to see a picture of Wyatt who visited our office for a little while. He got loose the other night, came into our house for a visit at midnight, but with the help of Alpine Community Network, and Facebook, we found his home and his owner was so happy to get him back.
A good thing to do is get your animals micro-chipped. I know in the backcountry, it’s not a common practice, but when animals get scared during fireworks and run off, they are easily returned to their family, if the finder can identify where they live.