I can’t help but think that the parents that are upset about the fence being built between the Alpine Community Center and the Alpine Elementary School is skipping a whole issue. . .The ACC is private property. This is not a County maintained community center, and therefore, they have a right to maintain their property the way they see fit to promote the use and well-being of the business.
To demand that the Community Center keep their gate open for the use of the parents of the students is akin to asking your neighbor to open up their property fence so you can take a shortcut to the vehicle that you have parked in their back yard.

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  • Kristen Gauss says:

    Ms. Bledsoe this is not about property rights, we have always maintained that the ACC has every right to put up the fence and gate the issue here is they claim they are for “children’s safety,” but the new route is less safe for children and parent’s walking along the sidewalk where a parked car on Alpine Blvd. can be a 2,000 lb. plus object thrown up on the sidewalk in a mere matter of seconds before you have a chance to react. Furthermore the locked gate now has blocked an exit for children in the event of a disaster now funneling kids through the center of school down steep stairs where it will be utter ciaos in the minutes following a disaster. This is about the ACC and limiting their liability but why then at the same time are they are still allowing parent’s to park in the lower lot by the park? Children’s safety is a red herring. In an initial flyer that was handed out to parent’s by the ACC Management it said this was a parking issue and not once on this flyer was a concern for children’s safety ever mentioned on the flyers. In fact they were premature with their wording of cars being towed or cited effectively immediately as the ACC had not gone through the proper procedure to have signage in place in order to tow or cite. If the ACC is so concerned with children’s safety and liability maybe they should remove the playground in the park or fence off the entire ACC property and lock it’s doors and then someone can still break in get hurt and sue the ACC . You can not 100% absolve yourself from liability. The ACC did not even give parent’s a chance to come and voice their concerns before their Board, but still they ask where the concerned parent’s were? My response if you do not advertise for public opinion at your Board meeting to get input you can not say where were the parent’s.

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