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Now is the time to let your kindness surface, and bring something special with you every day! Even if it’s a smile and a warm greeting to those you pass on the sidewalk, or in the store. These times are filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone’s crunch time to get ‘it’ all done be fore the big day, and sometimes the stress of it all makes us all a little edgy. Sometimes just a kind smile, or a thoughtful word, and change everyone’s attitude. That is not to say that it will fix everything, but maybe if we try to bring about some holiday cheer in non-monetary measures, we can learn how to warm the heart of humanity, and it’s completely free!

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The murmerings of snow in the back country and in the mountains continue through town, and down the hill. Last night people were stocking up on pellets for the stoves, wood shavings and feed for the animals.
While in town, pick up some extra hot cocoa or spicy tea and enjoy the warm fireplace as it blazes heating up your space, while you peruse the latest issue of The Alpine Sun!

Tonight’s the night! The Annual Alpine Light parade is ON (so to speak) tonight at 6:30 p.m. This annual parade is a great HIGHLIGHT ( pun intended) for our community. Many participants decorate and walk or ride in the parade and it is truly a great kick off to our Alpine Holiday Season!