The County has contracted with ABC to pave the roads, but Bert W. Salas is fixing the drainage problem outside of the Alpine Sun Office.  What a mess.  They have installed a 6″ drainage pipe along our sidewalk.  The only problem is that they have completely destroyed our garden.  We are the only property on the boulevard that has has a successful garden installed and it was actually green and lush and growing.  Now, they have RIPPED it to shreds and our sidewalk is cut up with hug trenches that seem rather daunting and dangerous to pass over.  Again, what a mess!

The brilliance that is being displayed in the planning stages of this particular job is astounding. . .They poured the cement, encouraged us to plant and beautify, and then they come into install drainage and rip everything out!

The men working out here have promised to have a landscaper come out and put things back to the way they were before they destroyed it.  We’ll see.

Inserting a 6″ drain under existing concrete that was installed less than 6 months ago

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