Wow!  I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I think that the County of San Diego is worse at managing traffic and road work than SDG&E.  The work that is going on, on the Boulevard at this time makes me ALMOST miss the previous crews.  It appears that the entry and exit from the Mobile Home park is completely blocked, it’s confusing to everyone which lane we Alpiners are to be driving in, there is no traffic control to speak of, and the workers are lackadaisically walking around the boulevard in front of traffic, without awareness of vehicles trying to drive down the road.

It makes you wonder how the County of San Diego can enforce any kind of permitting when they them selves seem to be unaccountable to safety.

They have even torn up our garden in front of the Alpine Sun! I hope they fix it.  Everyone worked really hard to get it to grow!

Here we go again!

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